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[UPDATE 1.5] Metal Gear Rising: Revengence - Vocal Tracks OST
Submitted By Löwe ♥ 1 month ago
Version 2.5.0 | Last Updated 1 month ago
Monsoon - The Stains of Time.rar Monsoon Theme<br /> The Stains of Time (Maniac Agenda Mix)
02-21-2023, 07:02 PM By Löwe ♥
Metal Gear Ray - Rules of Nature.rar Theme of Raden/jack<br /> and also The Metal Gear Ray
02-22-2023, 06:03 PM By Löwe ♥
Sundowner - Red Sun.rar The from sendowner<br /> i love this guy
02-22-2023, 06:04 PM By Löwe ♥
Khamsin - The Hot Wind Blowing The of Khamsin<br /> the guy from the blade wolf dlc
02-22-2023, 06:05 PM By Löwe ♥
Blade Wolf - I Am My Own Master Now Blade Wolf Theme<br /> I Am My Own Master Now (Platinum Mix)
02-24-2023, 08:18 AM By Löwe ♥
Mistral - A Stranger I Remain Mistral Theme<br /> A Stranger I Remain (Maniac Agenda Mix)
02-24-2023, 08:18 AM By Löwe ♥


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    Submitted By Simon



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