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What guns would you want to see from MW22, any auto or semi weapon is much easier to do so those will have a higher priority.


I'm curious as to what methods you're doing to record the sounds, since recording the sounds is the only current method we have available to get MW2022 firing sounds.

Are you recording sounds inside the firing range, or recording outdoors in an open map?
Are you recording sounds while aiming down the sights, or while hipfiring?
For the full auto weapons that you have/planned to record, are you recording the first shot in the mag, the last shot in the mag, or in the middle of firing a mag?
Are you cutting out the sounds of bullet casings hitting the ground (if any), or leaving them in?
Are you cutting out the background audio (if any), like the hum of generators/ambient wind blowing? Or are you leaving that in?

Whatever method you're doing to record sounds a lot easier than dealing with the hashed names of extracted audio.

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So I'll do step by step of what I did and I'll try to explain what I did in the audio editor (this may not be the best way but it's what I found to be the easiest)

For bolts

  • First I load a private match, equip a pistol with the quickdraw grip
  • Second you can choose any map that has low background noise
  • Third shoot and immediately switch to pistol before the bolt goes off
  • Fourth in adobe audition or any audio editor I cut the short bit of where the pistol makes equip sound and crossfade it together, if you know more about audio design you could probably to a better job than me but that's what I did with my minimal college level knowledge (it won't be PERFECT but I think it is not noticedable)

For everything else (semi and auto)

  • You can do the firing range or a map with low background noise
  • Shoot once and let the gunshot fully fade it does't exactly matter what round it is from the gun if you can get the full sound
  • This is the best way I have found to reduce the casing sound by fasing the ejector towrds the table it seems to not play a shell drop sound (there may be other ways too or using grass to make it quieter but this what I found from minimal testing), if it is not the firing range that you are going with I would so some experiemnting on whatever map you think would work
  • Keep in mind the area where you shoot (indoors and outdoors) will effect how the gun echos so that is preference

Using high volume also helps a lot to not have to boost when you add stuff to the soundbanks but I prefer to make my sounds a little less harsh than normal payday 2 sounds

I actually don't know how to extract files from a game like MW22, when I did my BO2 and MW2 packs I used extract tools that were already made and pre made sound packs

Edit: Signal 50 will be weird no matter what unless they add a Lynx to payday 2

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