Modding Help [HUD and bink files]
Hello guys, I need your help, I'm making some mods for payday 2 and I got stuck. First, I have a problem with the HUD,this is what I see in the health bar:

[Image: XU2cODZ.jpg]
I want to get rid off the white part of the image, this is how I made the file in Photoshop (Spanish):

[Image: KA2Vof3.jpg]

And last, I have a problem converting files (avi,mp4,mov,etc) to .bik . This is what happens:

[Image: znIyf5p.jpg]

I read that is a problem of the codec or something like that, but I almost tried all solutions and none of them worked. I don't know exactly what settings are needed or what I have to do to convert these files properly.
No one has nothing to say? :/
your images are broken.. no ?
(11-15-2015, 12:59 AM)Blanche Neige Wrote: your images are broken.. no ?

I see them clearly,well, I will upload them to another site :P.
Pics updated!
Well... I haven't made a texture mod since a LONG time ago...
But yeah for the first part, you have do edit the Alpha layer, like you did.
But hmm... to generate the texture IIRC you don't have to select the layer but the 4 others.

For the Vids... absolutely no idea sry Scared

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