The Best Outlines Mod, Ever!
Think of the interesting ways you could potentially change difficulty during heists. If outlines on medkits and ammo bags disappear during the assault as well as the ammo outlines and broken drills etc, then it could lead to memorable situations when you didn't remember where that f**king doctor's bag was placed before your last down on DS1D. A drill breaks during the last part of the dockyard bomb heist so you really need to start moving and searching for that drill randomly. WHAT!? NO BAG OUTLINES DURING ASSAULT EITHER!?!! WTF!
Maybe you could even make an extension of the mode that makes it possible to also be able to set options per each difficulty level. That would be great to pair with other difficulty balancing mods. Oh and what if you could also account for distance so that outlines are drawn when your within a certain range?
I also think outlines on everything all the time leads to too much visual clutter and it has bothered me enough to go onto the forums and ask strangers for help since I also think it could be interestingly used to play with difficulty other than rebalance or tankier and deadlier enemies

I also feel that there is enough stuff out here in the modding community that does these things in other ways like the "Bag Contour Mod" which allows you to change the color of bags of a certain weight but also colors of a specific item or item type that has been bagged. There is also a mod out there that can be used to disable all outlines and I use this in a tweaked version that i made to it myself so that it disables all deployable outlines. This paired with "VanillaHUD Plus" and the custom option for showing deployable icons but only when within a certain radius of the item I have more fun on every difficulty level and the script is possible since it's been done in another context.

Thanks to everyone that had the time to read this far!

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