REQUEST HELP To convert my vanilla custom heist
Hi ,

I have made last years the custom heist BLT "Custom RACE" into the section blt mods==> heist

[Image: preview_21928_1491775294_0ab6683024d5932...a379a9.jpg]

since some weeks i want to remade it and finish my idea and concept of my modded map.

Can someone try to explain to me how to convert or rescue the world of my map and apply it to a new project in beardlib editor.

i don't want to remade all map ,just copy world unit and Object into the new model of construction (maps folder) not vanilla model lua scripts.

sorry for my bad english , i don't know if someone understand my problem , because i can't clone it with beardlib editor because it say " map preview you can't edit this map, please clone it with the options of beardlib" , i try but don't work.

thanks for help
Sure, write to me on discord (MiamiCenter#4129) I'll help you with that. I already did same thing for map called "Goldenbrick" by Quackertree :)

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