Game freezes on starting a heist
The game freezes up when a heist loads in and can only be closed though the task manager so I can't even look at crash logs to see what happened
Likely a mod issue.
What heist specifically?
Seems to be all of them, both modded in heists and the base game ones
Any recent mod installed?
None really, I think it has something to do with the fact I took an break from payday and maybe a mod needs redownloading or something?
probably an asset mod that always got loaded in heist
maybe mod that modify enemy asset?
I'll check over my mods to see if theres any of them i didnt update or are outdated
Do Elimination method if all else fails
Take out half of the mod, try to reproduce the crash
If it doesnt crash, the half taken out have the crash
If it does crash, the half remain still have the mod crashing
repeat until 1 mod is singled out
got it, ill get to it
Endded up uninstalling and reinstallign the game so that fixed it, thanks for the help though!

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