OTWD Dev Stream #2
Some information regarding OTWD
Overkill Almir and Saul talks about the rescuing survivor and survivor management meta in the game;
how looting works in-game on a surface level;
As well as a sneak peek of how Weapon Customization works in OTWD

Since I'm more of weapon guy, I paid more attention to that xd
It looks like it reused almost all optic/sight from Payday 2, as well as barrel extension, and even specific weapon attachment (like MP5 stock customization in Payday 2), but with a fresh coat of paint (new texture)
It even still used Payday 2 in-universe weapon name. MP5 is named SG Compact-5.

Weapon have rarity level, and higher rarity means the weapon can equip more attachment.
imo, a somewhat fresh-take on weapon meta from Payday 2.
so far thats the only information regarding weapon rarity...


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