Missing custom melee weapon

Awhile ago I got a custom melee weapon, Hien (from Senran Kagura) and had it equipped. I ended up accidentally deleting it, but when I go to find it again, I don't see it among the other custom melee weapons (I think it was by killercroc).

I've been having ongoing stability issues, is it possible to reacquire it? I admit I loved the model, but I also want to see if it improves stability, as I had it equipped.
He removed all of his mods due to his personal reasons (people we're stealing his mods, mainly using one of the joke ''pillow'' mods that he made and modelled.), the only way to ''reacquire it'' is to ask people around if they have it because without a doubt i don't think he made a backup of his own mods, i could ask him if he has it.
If you could ask him, I would greatly appreciate it.

Still, his right to say yes or no, best of luck to him.

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