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List of Fallout 4 Creation Club Alternatives
List of alternatives to Creation Club Paid Mods.

Noir Penthouse

Cyber-Light Apartments - bloodmeat08
Style of the walls and furniture is incredibly similar. Image shows the mod with darker lighting but with activated lights it is very much the same.
[Image: 10dd83cc-8f8d-4288-b917-f9b92baaf7b1.png]
BONUS: Noir Apartment - A player home with a lore friendly noir theme.

Sentinel Control System Companion

Patriot: Power Armor Companion - Vicyorus
Same idea just without paint job and remnant ties.
[Image: 0235c24f-4c1e-4447-af0a-66fc55d2a0d3.jpg]
BONUS: Power Armor Voiced Operating System - What it says on the tin.

Nuka-Cola Collector Workshop

Nuka-Cola Furniture For Player Home
Contains several similar workshop items.
[Image: 1468-5-1448307643.jpg]
BONUS: The Left Field Diner - A Nuka-Cola diner for Nuka-Cola fans.

Arcade Workshop Pack

Arcade Terminals
Arcade Style Terminals for your Workshop. A recreation of the Craftable Arcade Machines which was broken by Fallout 4's Creation Club Updates.
[Image: 29818-1518550166-1818002318.jpeg]
BONUS: 80's Arcade Cabinets - Arcade machine props for your settlement

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