payday 2 not starting
i've been playing payday with mods for a while and i've switched to SuperBLT
but the problem is , now my game doesn't start when the superBLT file is in my folder , but without it , the mods don't work
i hope there's a solution cause i can't play well vanilla
what kind of doesnt start with you encountered?

have you properly update the superBLT?
by removing base folder on mods, then install the new dll file
running the game should prompt you to download the necessary files
well i found the mod that was causing the game to not start
it was the custom mods for custom weapons mod
SuperBLT wasn't a problem
perhaps it was outdated, or you got a mod that uses CAFCW data thats outdated, like old custom weapon file or such
in order for CAFCW to work properly, it must be up-to-date, and all custom weapon that uses it on latest version

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