Diesel Tool System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException...
For some reason, when I try to export the com_prop_jewelry_tiara.model or the com_prop_jewelry_display_jewel_2_b.model, i get this stupid error...


Does anybody know how to fix it or avoid it?
Add Objects option on?
What yo're trying to do?

It seems the Model Tool error for certain asset only.. Which means you cant do anything about it :(
I tested it with "add new objects" on and off and I was trying to import and export the same model with the tool to see if it works.

Are you sure that I can't do anything about it? There has to be something...
Yea, >:3 told me about that error
He encountered the same error on RAID weapon asset.

Think it's an issue of how Diesel Model tool doesnt get maintained for such bug/glitch/whatever
Oh man that sucks.

Also one more thing, is it possible to assign another model or create another one for that particular thing or will that mess up the game? I'm pretty sure I've seen EvilBob implement a new model entirely but I'm not sure if I can assign an existing unit with it.
Think EvilBob might be the best guy to answer it.

In the case of weapon part model which I usually do, I can just simply use adds syntax to 'call' the model and it'll 'exist' alongside of the caller model.

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