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[Website] March 19, 2017
Download Section
  • Downloads can be set to 4 status effects: public, unlisted (can not be found in search etc, only accessed via direct link), invite only (only viewable by author collabs and invited users) or hidden (only viewable by submitter and collaborators)
  • When download url is supplied links are now clickable
  • Banned users can no longer rate or comment
  • License now allows links
  • Changelog fields were added
  • Short Desc fields were added (are not used yet)
  • Error message for rating is now displaying properly.
  • Contents on download pages is now organized into tabs.
  • Comments are now listed after the tab section.
  • Download administrative actions were revamped.
  • Various text fixes and edits.
  • Download visibility in search was improved.
  • Only public mods will show up in the stats boxes.
  • The name field for downloads now offers more space.
  • The amount of images is now displayed in the tab title.
  • Previews were renamed to images and cover image respectively.
  • Several theme fixes.
  • Submit button will now always be visible. Even for guests, but will redirect to login if not logged in.

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