[Tales of Berseria] Installing Mods
This tutorial will step you through the process of how to install mods into Tales of Berseria. Currently, only texture mods are capable of being installed.

First and foremost, you will need the Tales of Berseria "Fix". Initially this fix was made to fix the frame rate limiter in the game using Special K, but has been expanded to allow for an AI fix with virtual controllers, Texture intercepting, dumping and injecting, and post-processing capabilities.

[Image: FMIuqYA.png]
Click here to download the SKIM64 Installer
Once you arrived at git get either SKIM or SKIM64 (64 bit) by scrolling down and selecting the appropriate file. Once downloaded, execute it.
(Note, if you pirated the game, it is recommended you stay away from the Tales of Berseria Fix, and re-think your choices in life)

[Image: MVbbfLo.png]
When you open SKIM64, the above window will open. From the "Select a Product" drop down box, select the option Tales of Berseria "Fix".

[Image: FDbK4Ea.png]
The installer will now give you the option to install. Click the Install button.
*Please note, on some computer builds it's known that the installer may not correctly install the "fix", or may simply not install it at all. If this happens to you, the best way to install the game is manually.
Click here to go to the steam guide that the creator made, and scroll down to the chapter "Download and Install - The Hard Way".

[Image: Cd1KgLz.png]
As the installer works, you may see this window pop up. This will show if there are new updates to TB_Fix, and will pop up if there is an update as you start your game as well. Clicking Yes will give you the latest version of the Fix, or you can delay the download, or disable it entirely by selecting Remind me Later (or disable).

After the install has finished, you will return to SKIM64's main window. Tales of Berseria "Fix" will now give you the option to Uninstall. For now, close the window and run the game.

[Image: FDbUxZ2.jpg]
While the ToBFix is freeware, it still has a license agreement for you to agree to. Click the box next to the "Close" button, the press "Close". You can close and open this menu by pressing CRTL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE any time in the game. There's also some instructions for you to follow in that yellow text, which can be hidden by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+O.

Running the game after installing is the final step in the installation process, as it adds several files and folders to the ToB install directory, including the TBFix_Res folder, which is required for modding.

Texture mods come in 2 ways: 7zip files and .dds files.

[Image: dMl2REI.png]
7zip file are to be placed into the "inject" folder.

[Image: IaQmVDk.png]
While .dds files are to be placed in the "textures\streaming" folder.

For the game to detect new injected textures, you will need to either restart the game, or enter the Special K menu by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+BACKSPACE

[Image: ZnSROQC.png]
... Then press the "Texture Modding Tools" button...

[Image: BoOiVK4.png]
... Then press the "Refresh Data Sources" button...

[Image: s1dIg43.png]
... And then finally press "Reload All Textures". Loading modified textures that have recently been changed or replaced will require a simple driver refresh, by either Alt-Tabbing out and back into the game, or by pressing the "Reload All Textures" button.

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