I'm gonna quit modding Payday 2
I felt like I should make a statement or something as to why I'm quitting instead of just suddenly disappearing.

I have been working on custom heists for the past year or so, I have made such things as: The Undercover PDTH to PD2 port(Which I released before OVERKILL came out with their version :P, but my version was really buggy so I decided to hide it), Stealthable Hoxton Breakout day 2, Out of Frame and some other maps that I didn't finish.

The main reason why I'm quitting is because making custom heists for PD2 is way too much work and I have lost interest. I barely even play Payday 2 anymore, so spending a lot of time and energy working on something that I don't enjoy doing anymore and will never play feels pointless.

I'm gonna be uploading some of my incomplete maps so that people can look at them or modify them and re-upload them.

The maps I'm gonna upload are:

Vicious Peak Estates

This was gonna be a Survival game mode map. Survival mode was gonna be a wave based survival game mode where you would start out with basic weapons then get money from killing cops and between the waves the player would buy better weapons, sorta like Killing Floor.

Safehouse Survival

This was gonna be another Survival game mode map. Here's a video on it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RH-HEaqpZQo

Treacherous Alley

A map where the players were gonna think they were doing a simple bank job, but the van driver set them up and drove away with the money. The players would then have to chase after him and kill him.

No Mercy + PDTH Enemies

This is the PDTH to PD2 port of No Mercy. Porting a map is incredibly tedious and the mission files in PDTH are a mess. It should be playable in its current state.
Thank you for everything you've done, Walrus! :(
Sorry to hear this, wish you the best for the future.
Too bad really hoped you could help me with stealth Overdrill xD
Are you going to reupload Stealthable Hoxton Breakout Day 2/Overdrill as well? I was looking to modify it to work again someday.
Well, I guess that's the end of custom heists as we know it.
Thank you for everything Walrus, good luck with your future work if you're doing anything!

I wish you the best of luck in whatever you are going to be doing with your life from now on
I helped with this: http://modworkshop.net/mydownloads.php?a...&did=13564
you should install it
totally not a sellout advertisement

(matty you can put the gun down now)

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