Missing sights on GLs
Hello everyone,
I currently have this issure with my grenade launchers:
[Image: 1C7844BE35BA08DDD78FADD50FBF502E978850B3]
The sights on both of them are missing but I can still switch between them in-game, shifting the view when ADSing.
Does anyone know why this may be? I have tried disabling all my mods and veryfing game files (which found nothing).
Disabling all mod_overrides too?
Including custom beardlib mod and normal replacer mod?
Yes. Everything besides BLT itself.
Did you use WAC before disabling?

Idk if its the cause, but recent update of WAC fixes option about GL sights
WAC before was able to completely remove grenade launcher sights so they wasn't usable at all. Since HONOUR AMONGST THIEVES still can toggle ladder sight is something else.
I found the culprit.
It was the Akimbo Ironsights Mod. It has these files in it that somehow mess with the sight.
[Image: Lm8WZsK.png]

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