Ban NGBTDW from the site (my findings)
I would like to hold a petition and if you want to hate on me, if you like the mod this isn't the place to do it. I simply want to know who on the website wants to see NGBTDW get taken off the site for singling out players that aren't even doing any harm to the game like myself and getting kicked out of lobbies for bullshit reasons. Basically I am fed up with getting kicked from lobbies for my equipment, and my armor, and my deployables and pretty much any reason people can get to kick me. Then i have to spend the next 5-10 minutes if its my friend explaining them what happened and to unblacklist me before I unfriend them on steam for them letting it happen and downloading this abomination. All I want is responses an open discussion here. Also how i would be able to get a petition going so this mod never comes back to the site, because its griefing.
Sorry to hear about the trouble it has caused you.
Would you mind linking me to the mod?
I do agree the mod ruins the community in pd2 but even so people will be able to find the mod using other sources sadly.
There's the mod

I do use it myself, but only set it for playtime hour filter when playing DW heist.

The other setting is pretty much more to griefing ability.

Have you tried contacting the author and voicing your feedback?
i will get the author to take a look at this
considering his busy with uni, he most likely wont do anything
What Problem of this NGBTDW ?

is good mod but 2 things

Good = Kick Noobs and Wankers

Bad = NGBTDW + Better Bots = Bots using baby Masks
Kicking new players is good? huh that only makes pd2 unwelcome to new players.
(12-01-2016, 08:50 AM)Luffy Wrote: Kicking new players is good? huh that only makes pd2 unwelcome to new players.
so you want to play one down with 20 hour players?
would be better if instead of kicks the lobby wouldnt show up to the specified people.
(12-01-2016, 07:33 AM)Sentient Hunhow Wrote: Bad = NGBTDW + Better Bots = Bots using baby Masks

Its so annoying... Is there a way to fix it without uninstalling the mods?
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