Why I quit modding Payday 2
Hi there!

Before I'm really going to leave I just wanted to sign off with a little message explaining why I quit modding, instead of just disappearing out of nowhere. Before anything, note that I'll log out and never log in after posting this topic, so placing comments down below is pretty much pointless and more of a "scream at the television" thing. Either way, let's get to it.

I originally came here to post custom heists, which is effectively the only thing I've been doing on this forum, really. I did that for fun. I really loved adjusting already existing heists and a lot of people seemed to like the idea of having custom heists aswell. Although many of my releases weren't all that great, I had a lot of fun in just creating a new experience and getting small ideas to live up by doing so.

Over the past months, starting at the release of Goldbrick, I started to dislike building new heists. People kept expecting more new content, which was fine, but it gave me a sense of pressure which should've never really been there. The fun started to make place for 'duty' and I started to actually dislike making new heists. Paired with that, came a lot of negative feedback, because people were starting to expect better and better quality over time.

When I first uploaded a custom heist, Manager Mayhem, I loved to upload it and loved to update it based on what people were finding/saying. When I uploaded things I would think to myself: "Hopefully people will enjoy it as much as I do." Shamefully, this thought has now turned into: "I hope people won't hate on it."

Once you start thinking that way, you should always just stop what you're doing and re-evaluate what's going on. I did exactly that, and decided to continue doing only the things I enjoy doing as a hobby. This doesn't include modding for Payday 2.

Some may see this as me "running away from the problem" and if that's your thought right now, than you probably don't understand that this is something people do for fun and, most importantly, for free. Why would you ever continue doing something that you don't like, when you don't even get paid for it? Noone should.

Finally, I'd like to sign off with a message towards the community. From what I've seen in my small year with this community, is that there's a lot of rivalry between certain "camps" around the forums. Instead of collaborating and trying to achieve the best for the community and Payday 2, all that really seems to happen are a couple of people individually making new things. Barely anyone ever thanked these people. And yet, everyone expects newer and better stuff from each and every one of them, again every time. This is quite a shame and it really holds back great progress in modding development. Hopefully, this gets to change in the future.

I wish all the modders on this forum the best of luck in the future! Stay doing what you love most!

If you want to view my reply, I replied on Reddit. Here
Goodbye, sweet prince.
Is there any particular reason why the heists that were made were deleted?
Please reupload heists to somewhere, i just wanna be able to play them again. We all still appreciate your work Quackertree.

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