In-game music mod - small problem
Hello there.

So, I've got a small problem with my own music mod. After replacing it, at the beginning of certain parts of soundtrack (ex. assault) I can hear some really short parts of original, not replaced song. In this case - it is Pimped Out Getaway.

Preview of my problem:

Just drop it to mod_overrides folder.
Pimped Out Getaway uses 7 files,you are missing this one 690944233.
Thanks mate. Will tell later if this worked.

Btw. is there any list which tells me what files does certain soundtrack uses? It's pretty hard to find by myself.

EDIT: Nope, still nothing. The problem is still here. Fresh link with the missing file:
You will need to replace ~5000 bytes in the soundbank file for each of those files, because for whichever reason those are streamed directly from the bank.
Here's a guide on how to do it manually. I know there're tools for processing that, but hence I never used those, I can't provide these immediately.
And it's also somewhat explained here:

And as for the list, I have made one for myself, and there's certainly several made by others that're probably more accurate.
And this one contains SFX and voices, too
It's pretty hard to understand, I have to spend a lot of time with this. So I'll give up for now.

But thanks for the list, should help me in future.
This isn't hard at all, believe me. At first it seems like it is, but after you tried it - it's like riding a bicycle.
And the Steam guide is pretty straight-forward, too. I hadn't troubles with it.

Edit: I actually thought your mod had some scripting to it, but after looking at it, it doesn't seem to be the case.
It'll definitely take longer to learn if you've never done the scripting, so guess your choice not to try it is justified. Your call, but I'd suggest you give it a try.

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