Experiences with Nexus
Hey everyone,

I would like to hear what your experiences are with nexus.

Good or bad let me know.

I was wondering if there are any things that, compared to nexus, we should or should not do.

Well nexus permanently bans you for using ported models from other games into other games. That rule definitely shouldn't be here.
Strickly speaking it isn't really allowed. It is some what of a gray area.
If we get any notice about breaches we will also have to remove content.
SKYRIM NUDE MODS FTW (And CBBE) also has some State of decay mods that I played but it's dead as fuck now with 2 versions of the base game
[Image: BESJvWo.png]
Download and install 200+ mods for skyrim, fix all compatibility issues using TES V edit, actually played the game once for about 5 minutes.
Decided to download 300+ mods.
Didn't know what TES V edit was.
used MO without knowing how to use MO.

Only crashed when my PC overheated.

MFW luck.
> spends 10 hours downloading mods for skyrim
> 5 total hours in game

I refuse to cri everytiem, since i've only done it that once, and haven't tried it since my hard drive died.

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