Stop The Cheater Mod removed or hidden
Hello Last Bullet Team, can someone tell my why that fantastic mod is not longer available here? It looks like a possible step in the right way, espacially that public DW lobbys are playable again in the near future.

Best Regards, Fransen
The reason this mod is hidden is that it is actively being used to look for and "toy" with cheaters.
I do not agree with what cheaters do in the slightest ways.
Cheaters cheat for 2 reasons:
1) To make the game easier for them.
2) To "toy" with people.

So using the mod to actively "toy" with cheaters is only #2 on their list. Making yourself to the same level or even lower as them.
We, LB, wish to promote a positive attitude and environment on LB website and other media.

If you are not happy with that answer then it is also breaking the general mod rules on LB.
- The mod changes game play for other users without warning them.
- The code other than the slow mode is from other anti-cheat mods.

We prefer the auto-kick mod above this one.

Best regards,
Other LB staff.
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