YouTube Recommendation Filter?
I use YouTube pretty much every day now, and no matter how far away I try to run from him, he always shows up with stupid click-bait thumbnails, and dumbass videos. Pyrocynical is not someone I particularly care for, and YouTube doesn't seem to get that I don't watch his videos. Can't find any of them on the front page so I can say I'm not interested, but they always somehow show up on the side of every video I watch.

I'm able to AdBlock the individual thumbnails, but that's a temporary "solution."
Not trying to spread hate towards the guy, I'm sure most other British people are fine folks, I just would like to block out this guy from my feed.
can't you just... ignore it?
(01-06-2016, 01:06 AM)Dashie Wrote: can't you just... ignore it?

It gets a bit difficult after 5 days of the same "sex god" thumbnail, and then there's the Minecraft sex thumbnail.

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