Adjusted iron sights for Repeater 1874
So, the Repeater 1874. Great gun, terrible iron sights. You can't see the front post and the hammer sticks right up into your face. It would be nice if somebody could fix that for us. The way it would be done is by using LUA coding magicks to slightly lower the shoulder position and then maybe adjust the height of the front of the weapon to allign the sights. Bam, you can see the front post, the rear sight doesn't block your view as much, and the hammer doesn't stick up so far you can't aim at anything in-between shots.

Additionally, it could be made even better by also using model editing tools to trim the excess off the rear sight and the thumb piece off the hammer.

Sloppily-edited example picture of what I feel should be trimmed off to make attempting to aim it less awful:
[Image: 2015-06-20_00002.jpg]

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