Vermintide Mod Framework
Aaaaaaand we back from the dead :D

We worked hard again in the background and we finally ready to release version 0.17.4
We update/fix/add a lot of in this update and we hope you gonna like it! :D


   ===== Vermitide-Mod-Framework 0.17.4 ==========================
   add HealthProc mod:
       Hides Graphic effects on bloodlust/regrowth procs.
   add LobbyImprovements mod:
       Improve the lobby list what heroes are already taken.
       Also adds a server blacklist button to hide or alarm what you dont like.
       Made by /dev/null
   fix Ban:
       Show warning before player get kicked
   add: TruePrivate mod
       Enables you to make the room be private, even for your friends.
       Add a enable option on te playerlist when you press tab.
       Add a enable option on the map select on the inn table.
       And as always you can find it in the mod settings.
   add: TrueSolo mod
       This makes the room be private and remove all the bots.
       This way you can solo all maps.
       Orginally made by Aussiemon
   add: IncreasedOgre mod:
       Options to increase the Ogre to be harder to kill it.
       Made by Jsat/ Prop joe, IamLupo and Aussiemon
   update SkipCutscene:
       made cursor fix made by Aussiemon
   add: SalvageOnLoottable mod
   fix: ThirdPerson:
       null 'start_time' on reload
   fix: OptionMenu:
       wrong debug output
   Remove Dialog fix and add to framework:
       Since Fatshark desided to remove the "This way" sound in the inn.
       This caused problems and this can crash other people.
       Made a universal fix that protect other players and protect your own server.
   update CleanItems:
       Add commands:
           /clean > Remove all items close to you
           /clean_health > Remove all healing items in the game
           /clean_all > Remove all items in the game
   update TrinketIndicator:
       made by Walterr
   add: Blend mod
       Gives you possebility to change the world environment.
       Like you can play all the maps in darkness! :D
   fix: ChestInfo:
       crash game shader nil parameter
   add German Language:
       Made by luett
   add Russian Language:
       credits to Konode
   update TimerIndicator
       - Ported the swift slaying/haste/berserk indicators to the framework.
       - start_time didnt reset, credits to Walterr
   add: RandomLevel mod
       Adviced by "Runny Eggs"
   Aussiemon fix:
       Fixed missing champion healthbar option, globadier typo
   patch MoreRatWeapons:
       We made a lot of changes to make it more stable and custamizable.
   patch Dialog:
       Added functionality to play dialogues server-side

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