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Raid WW2 BLT
Version 1.1.2 | Last Updated: 10-26-2017, 06:49 PM
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The BLT hook from payday 2 in Raid!

What generally has changed?

Menus, the way menus are made was changed almost completely.
You can read about making menus in this BLT here: and items: the only thing missing is guide on json menus which wasn't even tested yet.

Some stuff might be broken still, so far I fixed all that I could, just report the issue or send a pull request at or
Additionally, please do not report issues here but in the issues page at github: thanks!
Raid version modified by Luffy, DLL fix for raid by Snh20

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10-13-2017, 08:59 PM

10-13-2017, 08:57 PM
Is there even a mod that uses the BLT hook for RAID: WW2?

10-12-2017, 08:20 PM

10-12-2017, 08:07 PM
Marvelous. Do we have a LUA dump yet?

10-12-2017, 04:50 PM