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Voron Scripts UPDATE v1.0-beta.5
Version v1.0-beta5
Last Updated: 12-27-2016, 01:17 PM
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Voron Scripts for Aurora

This is my geek profile and scrips for Logitech G910 Orion Spark.
More info and download you can find here.

PerformanceBars NEW!
  • Allow to display value from any valid PerformanceCounter in system as bar.
  • Has optional blinking effect when value reaches certain treshold.
  • Highly customizible: you can have several bars with different setting (update interval, smoothing, blinking threshold, blinking speed, colors of the bar...) for any performance counter.
  • You can use KeySequence or FreeForm(even with angle) for chosing area. But KeySequence animathion is smoother.
  • Examples of use: Bars for each cpu core and/or total (like on the gif). Bars for disk load (Total or by letter). Bar for network usage, memory usage, anything you can find in Computer Managment->Performance->Monitoring Tools->Performance Monitor and consider as usefull.
  • Samples included, look into script itself.
[Image: bars.gif]

  • Displays load of each core on separate button. I have quad-core cpu and those four G6-G9 buttons perfectly matches it.
  • As core load reaches 95% it begins to blinks.
  • When total load becomes 95% or higher the whole keyboard fades out.
  • Also, there is a rainbow circle on numpad that becomes more visible and spins faster with cpu load.
[Image: cpu.gif]

  • UPDATE!: Experimental support for ATI gpus.
  • Displays utilization of graphic card on desired buttons or region. I use G5-G1 buttons on the left. 
  • When graphic card utilization becomes 95% or higher bar begins to blink.
  • Can use freeform region, but key based animation is smoother.
  • Also, there is a rainbow on Print Screen, Scroll Lock and Pause Break buttons that becomes more visible and spins faster with gpu load.
[Image: gpu.gif]

  • Displays ping with animation. I use F1-F12 keys for it.
  • PING IS REAL. Yeah, it's not just only nice animation. Every animation represents one real ping request. 
    I've added 200ms delay between real request and animation for the case if PC get lag animation should stay correct. 
    But you can adjust it if you want even more real representation.
  • Different hosts can be used for active application. And default host for other apps. 
    For example, you can set script to show ping to game server while that game is active window.
  • Can use freeform region, but key based animation is smoother.
[Image: pingpulser.gif]

Download and install

  1. Download current profile version here.
  2. Just extract files in archive to your profiles folder ("%USERPROFILE%\AppData\Roaming\Aurora\Profiles\")
  3. Select Voron profile in Desktop profile if you want everything with color zones
  4. Or just use those scripts you want
  5. Checkout script files, you can adjust some setting inside
  6. Enjoy your geek illumination! ^_^

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01-18-2017, 04:50 AM
Thank you for this. The CPU/GPU is pretty fantastic! I'm trying to add to a game profile, i've copied the scripts to that profile and selected them, but they're not working.  Any suggestions?

01-05-2017, 05:58 AM
Question: How do i disable the Rainbow Effects from the GPU AND CPU Core viewers? I have tried deleting some lines but to no avail. The scripts keep disappearing if i do that. Also I dont get the purpose of the PingPulser...what does it do? I'm sorry for the noob questions.