Using the assets manager

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The assets manager allows you to manage the packages that your level has loaded + units that are spawned. It will receive more features in the future like: showing useless packages, automatic pick for packages or anything you can suggest(in here thanks)


The assets manager can be opened from Manage Assets in utilities menu.

After opening it you will see a dialog that has a few stuff in it:

  • Packages: your packages that when loaded will load units into your map for you to use, sadly we cannot control which units are loaded so sometimes you will load unneeded units.
  • Units: the units that are spawned in your level, pressing them will show the info from where they're loaded(if the unit is loaded through AddFiles it will show "Map assets") if a unit is not loaded it will show up red.

Adding packages

Through the add button in packages

This is a more of an "expert" thing because here you add which package you want which means you probably already know why you need to load it.

Missing units

If any unit is not loaded it will show up in red and a message will appear at the right top of the dialog. Be very careful because if you don't load the unit the next load into the level will crash and getting into the level would only be possible using Safe mode load where there you will have to load that unit.

Single unit

If there is only one unit missing you can load the unit by pressing it in the assets manager and pressing Find Package below actions.

This will search for packages that contain that unit, if none have it then you probably will have to remove it(extremely rare case)

after it's done searching it will open a dialog showing the packages that it found, choose any you want but it's recommended to choose the smallest ones.

Multiple units

If you removed a few packages and you end up with a lot of missing units you probably won't want to go through all of them. But don't worry, the editor can load all of the missing units by pressing Fix by Searching Packages below the warning message.

this will open a dialog that will show the available packages to load and will show which packages have the most of the units(and again you should choose the smallest ones)

If there are still unloaded units, you can repeat the process until all of the units are loaded.

Removing units quickly

If you need a quick way of removing some type of unit completely from your level you can do that

First select the unit type you wish to remove

Then press Remove From Map this will open a dialog asking you if you really want to remove it, if you really wish to then press Yes

After that the unit type should be removed completely.