Creating a working assault

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This will explain how to set the state of the heist to loud and make the ai start spawning enemies.

It typically looks like this

The GlobalEventTrigger will be executed when the "police_called" event has happened. The "police_called" event happens when a guard/civ/camera is alerted and calls the police.

If you want it to go loud from a certain event like the player setting off a motion sensor or breaking alarmed glass you can make an AiGlobalEvent that has the "Ai Event" set to "police_called" and "Blame" to whatever you want.

The MissionScript called "police" is used to group up all the elements that need to be executed when it goes loud.

ElementDifficulty should start at 50% then get ramped up to 100% closer to the end of the heist. ElementDifficulty will affect what enemies will be spawned.

ElementWhisperState should be set to false. Meaning that the player can no longer see exclamation marks and bag bodies.

ElementPreferedAdd will add a spawn group or spawn point to the possible places for enemies to spawn. This will allow the ai to spawn enemies at those locations. So when this element has been executed you never need to do anything to spawn enemies, the game will take care of that by itself.

ElementPreferedAdd should have a 30 second delay from the "police" MissionScript.

The ElementAiGlobalEvent should be used to set the "Wave Mode" to "besiege".

Navlinks should be executed when it goes loud.

The ElementSpawnEnemyGroup should be added to the EnemyPreferedAdd's "spawn groups list" table.

ElementSpawnEnemyDummys need to be added to the SpawnEnemyGroup elements. You can add however many spawns to a group, but 4 is usually perfect for a group.

Remember to set the "Amount" to something else than 0. It's usually best to set it to as many spawns the group has.

You can choose what type of enemies you want to be able to spawn from this group. Only set "Phalanx" as a possible spawn group if it's the group that should handle the captain winters spawning.