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How to use the Unofficial Hashlist with Bundle Modder

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What is a "Hashlist" in the first place?

Clever of you to wonder these things, Fellow Modder/Wannbee Modder! The "Hashlist" is a file that aids Bundle Modder to find the games source files in their "Bundles" that they are stored in so that can extract them in a way that can be edited by users and can be placed in the "mod_overrides" folder.

Why do I need this "Unofficial Hashlist" anyway?

Even though Overkill thoughtfully provieded a "Hashlist" for us to use for the appropriate reasons mentioned above... .... Sadly, Overkill does not keep it updated whatsoever, Resulting in this mess when you try to use the Bundle Modder to extract the game files...

Eeek! Look at this mess!

Not very pretty is it? Nor is it helpful....


Pretty, Named and Orginized!

Things dumped in such a way it can be useful to you and others!

Please tell me how to update my Hashlist!

Hold your horses! I'm getting right into it.

First, You're going to need 2 things. Bundle Modder by Simon The Updated Hashlist that you can get from Frankelstner's Bitbucket or from ModWorkShop, courtesy of Iron Predator

Next, You'll have to download and extract the Bundle Modder somewhere. I personally have it in a folder inside the root folder of Payday 2 but it makes no diffrence.

It's a simple drag and drop, nothing hard.

Now you're going to download the Updated Hashlist from Frankelstner's Bitbucket or from ModWorkShop, courtesy of Iron Predator and just override the "hashlist" file that's in the folder that you extracted Bundle Modder.

Lastly, Open "PDBundleModPatcher.exe" and follow the on-screen instructions and enjoy!

I hope this helped clear anything up that you didn't know before.

Thanks for reading

Stay Frosty, Leon S.