Part 2 of map editing: Project data editing

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So before we begin designing our level we will go through editing the simple data of your level, this includes things like the id, xp, cost of the heist. In this guide we will explain each option that you see when editing your level in BeardLibEditor Menu > Projects and opening your project through Edit Existing Project

Some notes before we begin:

  • When sound ids are separated by a comma it means the game will randomly choose one of the ids to play so if our crimenet callouts are "sound_1,sound_2" the game will choose one to play each time it is supposed to play it.

Project Data

This includes the data for the project/narrative of the heist we have things like the name of the project, contractor and etc. So if you opened your level through Edit Existing Project your screen should look something like this:

Lets go through the options:


  • Project Name The name/id of your project the name is used as the map folder's name located in Maps directory.
  • Contact The contractor of the heist, basically choose him/her/it from the comobox(for creating custom contractors press here).
  • Briefing Event A briefing sound when opening the contract in, put a sound id that you want it to play.
  • Debrief Event Not exactly sure yet but I think its the sound when finishing the heist, same as briefing event it requires a sound id(only here you can have multiple separated by a comma).
  • Crimenet Callouts Sound ids(separated by a comma) that the game will play when hovering on the contract in crimenet.
  • Set Crimenet Videos Pressing this will open a dialog that will allow you to choose the videos that the contract plays in crimenet(you can add custom videos to movies directory using AddFiles).


  • Download Id The download ID of the map used to auto update the map and make it downloadable for users using BeardLib, upload a mod to mws and take the did in the url so in our case it would be 16837.
  • Version The current version of the map(remember to change it every time you update it!) since the version is a number versions like 2.0.1 won't work so you need to write it like 2.01 or 2.1.
  • Downloadable Should your map be downloadable through the game(anyone with BeardLib who joins you, even in public, will be able to download the map before joining if he doesn't have it) if your map requires 3rd party mods(like out of frame that needs restoration) you should toggle it off.


  • Add Existing Level Pretty straight forward, it allows you to add levels to your project(you won't be able to modify them)
  • Add New Level Opens a dialog where you can type a name for creating a new level.


    Basically where the levels of the projects will be in pressing them will bring you to editing the level data(we'll discuss about it below)

    There are 4 buttons for each level:

  • Delete: Shows as an x and if pressed will ask you if you want to delete the level(note that if that's a custom level it will remove it entirely)
  • Add to group: Shows as a plus sign if pressed will open a list dialog to which level you want to group it to(I'll write about grouped levels later)
  • Up and down(day control): Shows as an arrow down or up and controls which day the level/group is(up to down)

For a grouped level there is only day control and for a level inside a group the plus sign will be a minus and if pressed will remove the level from the group.

Difficulty Settings

Every difficulty will have the following settings:

  • Contract Cost The cost of the contract in crimenet.
  • Stealth XP Bonus The xp bonus you get after completing the contract in stealth(0=heists in none stealthable).
  • Minimum mission XP The minimum xp you can get from the contract.
  • Maximum mission XP The maximum xp you can get from the contract(Both max and min xp are only for showcase and not actual xp, you'll need to set up Experience and Filter(for different xp for each difficulty) elements to give actual xp to the player)
  • Payout The money you get when finishing the contract.

Level Data

If you press a level in Chain/Levels as seen in here:

You will get to this menu:

So again lets go through the options:

  • Level Id Similar to Project Name this is the name of the level and the name of the folder in the map's directory/levels
  • Briefing Dialog The sound id of the sound that will play in briefing screen.
  • Intro Event The sound ids of the sounds(separated by a comma) that will play in blackscreen(like when bain tells to keep wolf out of the dancing floors).
  • Outro Event The sound ids of the sounds(separated by a comma) that will play at the end of the level.
  • Ghost Bonus Bonus percentage for completing the level in stealth(if it's more than 0 then the .
  • Max Bags The max bags in the level(used to fight cheaters).
  • Ai Group Type This changes what type are the enemies American/Russian(for russian enemies you will probably need to load some packages I think).
  • Team Ai Off Disables the AI teammates in the level(ie: safehouse)
  • Manage Mission Assets Brings you to a list selector where you can decide which mission assets are included and excluded from the mission as seen in here:

    *If you want to exclude it you need to first select the asset then toggle the exclude.

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