Part 1 of map editing: Creating your first heist

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Attention: This guide requires you to download both BeardLib and BeardLib Editor

With the latest updates for BeardLibEditor, it became far easier to create levels instead of dealing with templates like we used to, we can now press a button fill a name and edit the level!

Before we begin:

We have two things in payday 2 heists: A narrative(aka 'project' in the editor) and a level(the actual heist / day / stage) The narrative is the heist itself it can hold a few levels(ie: multi day heists) and is what the crimenet uses to show your level. The level is the level itself, there can be multiple levels in one project but each level holds its own mission, units and etc.

So lets begin:

From the main menu navigate to options and then press BeardLibEditor menu from there another menu will open with a few tabs press Projects

So your screen should look something like this:

All good? alright lets continue:

Press New Project button and in the dialog that popped up type the name of the project after that press Create project or enter.

Afterwards another dialog will pop up and ask you if you want to create a new level for the project(note that projects can store existing heists) for the sake of this guide we will create a new level so select Yes

and like before type a name for the level that you want to create and then press Create level

And done! your level should be ready and if you go from BeardLibEditor menu to levels tab you'll see your level ready to be loaded in the editor!

Some notes:

  • The editor does not add the localization keys for the level you will need to add them manually in the loc file(located in maps/yourlevel/loc/english.txt), and for adding languages you will need to add them in main.xml. luckily for the project and the level the defaults are(id being the name of your project/level): heist_id_name as the name of the project/level heist_id_brief as the briefing text of the project/level

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