Welcome to the new wiki!

Last edit by Luffy, 04-20-2017, 10:02 PM.

We've moved our wiki to the main site so it's easier for you to view the wiki and contribute!

So what's different?


Unlike the older wiki which used mediawiki syntax this wiki uses markdown syntax which is far easier to understand. If you don't know the basics yet, I would recommend giving a quick look on the basics here.

Ease of use

The older wiki was really confusing to use(even for me) and even had its set of issues that made editing the wiki really a pain however this wiki is much more simple to use and is more minimalistic.


Contributing in the old wiki required you to talk with the admin in charge of the wiki to get access, this is no longer the case in this wiki. You can create articles freely and edit them, but editing other articles will require you to ask the creator of the article to add you to the contributors of the article which then allows you to edit it. When you add contributors they can only edit the article, they cannot remove it, however, moderators can remove your article if its breaking the rules.

Getting updated

The wiki allows you to watch articles, if you wish to get updated on for example, the editor guide, you can so you don't miss anything important!

It's part of the site!

Now the wiki is in the site, when editing an article the article will say: 'Last edit by x' and if you are added to the contributors all users can see that you're helping in writing the article and making it easier for them to ask questions if needed.

What I should publish?

Anything related to games and modding, for example, if you wish to share your PD2 loadout or make a guide on modding anything like this. Or even useful information for modders(like mask Ids for example) and etc.

What I should not publish?

Anything that breaks the rules, or is a joke should not be published, the wiki is a place for guides and information and not to make fun of something or especially someone.