Payday gang cosplay at MCM London
Hey everybody, 
I'm fairly new to Last Bullet but I wanted to show you this Payday gang cosplay done by my friend's and I, we wore this on the Saturday of MCM London and had an absolute blast at the convention. My partner and I managed to finish the Bonnie and Clover mask just in time for the event, we're planning to make the rest of the masks very soon [Kawaii, Richard Returns and Dragan next!].

I would upload a lot of images to this thread but I thought an Imgur link would be a lot easier so here it is:
That looks awesome!
That's looks awesome! Nice job with the outfits :D
The guns, me want  Nuu
:lb:  Cloodden  Rescue
dat dallas xDD
I dressed up as Chains and *tried to trick or treat xD last night, it was jokes, good work!
[Image: images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQZdmaOqjG4trFSIs9b0LN...KqOrfJLbiQ]

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