The Useless Mod Challenge
Hello fellow modders and moddettes!

Since the release of BLT, half a year ago, Payday 2's Lua modding scene blossomed and saw a lot of great mods come to light.
Some of them are smart and simple, some are complex and drastically change the game (HAX).

Well, I'd like to talk about an entirely different kind of mods.

The weird, dumb, totally useless or even broken mods.
Products of indescribable experiments.
Monstrosities escaped from deranged minds.

Or, you know, just stuff that you make because you wanted to try, or you wanted to make something else but still thought it was funny.
Usually, you wouldn't release those.

But, I thought it could be fun to share the lolz, so here I am, writing words in the forum.

I'll start then. No, you first. Alright, if you insist.

[rainbow]Footstep Sound Overhaul:[/rainbow]

Customize your footstep sounds by locking it to a predefined material.

Download here

[rainbow]Loud Body Bagging:[/rainbow]

Pretty self explanatory, allows you to bag corpses in loud (civilians and cops, but not guards).

[Image: 5YCRMhH.jpg]

Download here

Those are pretty much the most dispensable mods I could come up with. For now.
Now show me your most non-essential, superfluous creations (not necessarily Lua).

PS: If we can just refrain from pure meme / troll mods à la John Cena though. Kthxbye.
I submit my Beta Handcuff animations that can't be fixed, Rather useless tbh
And his name is
There [Image: preview_154_1435104930_94bb3f2045c13b303...ac997a.jpg]
My fallout 3 fatman
All my mods :3 No for real they are terrible
I want a bipod for my knife mate.
(11-22-2015, 12:01 AM)B Dawg Wrote: I want a bipod for my knife mate.

[Image: PhRMKNU.png]

Step up your game
I want a scope on my scope.
(11-23-2015, 11:08 PM)JCDENTON Wrote: I want a scope on my scope.

[Image: giphy.gif]

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