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About mod suspension
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Message from mod:
Quote:Violation of submission rule 3. Do not upload mods that contain others' work if the license explicitly does not allow it.
If the license requires you to ask for permission you must do so.
You must credit the user by either linking the original mod in the license tab or using the same license.

TdlQ's mods must be removed as they do not allow their mods to be uploaded to other sites. Even though the code is partially included. Unless you get permission from TdlQ, this mod will stay suspend.

I don't understand much about copyright, so please explain to me. I realized that you can not do a simple ctrl + c ctrl + v. But firstly, TdlQ itself took the original mod as a basis, which is clearly hinted at by the names of the variables "projectile_entry" and "projectile_tweak". Secondly, there is a small optimization through the init function. In the third, an additional check for pressing a button is added, which I rewrote in the new version, but the meaning remains the same.
(Absence of the _update_check_actions_passanger_no_shoot function in zzorra's mod is a simple bug)

And in this case, it is no longer copying the code itself (besides, the names can always be renamed), but rather the implementation ideas. And does it count as something else? Or is this also considered a violation of the rules? If it is still the second one how can I fix it?
(For confidence in my words I recommend compare my updated mod, original mod and TdlQ's mod)
The issue right now is: Original mod has no license, TdlQ is not allowed any of his mods to be put on MWS, and you stated that you use partially of TdlQ's mod code.

The solution we could think right now is, ask TldQ for permission to use his part of code you included in the mod first. If he is not allowed, then that part of code has to be gone in order for us to unsuspend the mod.
That's why I asked to compare the code... The problem is that TdlQ himself, as I explained above, most likely took the original mod as a basis. I can't remove all the code that is similar to the TdlQ's code, because it's just that the original mod was written before and then it's worth deleting it too, because it is still the basis.
Now more specifically, I can remove the part of the code that is inspired by the TdlQ code. But what exactly is considered in this case as a code for which I do not have rights? The same _update_check_actions_passanger_no_shoot function is missing in the original code, and this absence can be considered a bug, because because of this, only the driver gets the opportunity to use the ability, which I think was meant by the original author.

In short: I want an independent programmer to take a look at how my mod looks now (because since the moment the mod was submitted to MWS and with this message I have already managed to update it several times), how the TdlQ mod looks and how the original mod looks . There are very few lines and it will take just a couple of minutes. I just do not understand if you need to delete, then what exactly?

I am very sorry if I wrote too much. I just don't really know how to express my thoughts.
Again, the solution is like we said above "You must ask TdlQ for his permission to use partially his code in your mod" (as you stated that you used his code), otherwise, you have to rewrite it yourself.
As I said "since the moment the mod was submitted to MWS I have already managed to update it several times". This means that I am already rewritten code, but I don't know if it will suit you.
Sorry for took a while to check, I was busy with other issues and such while other also have their issues too. The mod will be unsuspend.

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