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my mod isn't public even if i have uploaded it according to the rules
ok so I have posted an file here, the file was my mods list, wichich also included carry stacker and prepost ingredients order, and in the page that file was in didn't included any credits to the original files creators, I didn't knew any of those rules, so I posted it anyway and as expected my file got suspended from the workshop, i changed it to go according the workshop rules and reposted it without the cheat mods and with the credits to all of the original mods creators and updated the page, I did this 2 hours ago and my mod is still private, so, can some of the mods go to my file and re check it again to see if it is able to get public again?
Remove SuperBLT and BeardLib alongside every other mod that may not be re-uploaded.
ok, i already did it, sorry for the slow response i had a lot of stuff to deal with, can someone check again now, if it still can't go puclic i am deleting this, i don't like to waste someone's time

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