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Music Mod appeal

My music mod was approved for a little bit but then quickly suspended because it did not comply with the music rules. I looked over the rules, and I thought it would be allowed because it was music from a game (Payday) and the message that I was sent was not clear about why it was suspended.
I would appreciate if you could clarify why this was suspended and/or what I could do to get it reinstated.

Thank you,
The music is available officially through the PDTH OST DLC collab in Payday 2.
It techincally counts as piracy if its made available for free (through mod)
Well, if my mod can not be uploaded, can I at least get clarification to what can be uploaded? Because it seems contradictory, e.g. not allowing paid music, but allowing music from games that you must pay for, or claiming to not allow music from artists that is not free to download, while there are uploaded mods that cannot be downloaded for free. I would like to continue making music mods, but it's difficult to understand what is and is not allowed.
We list our criteria of what music that can be allowed here: https://modworkshop.net/rules#music-rules

Generally, we weigh those criteria based on copyright situation and how likely we could get DMCA-ed from hosting such music.
This site could lose its ad revenue if we kept getting DMCA claim, and the server upkeep cost is generally from ad rev.

Based on experience, whats listed on the Allowed criteria tends to have loose copyright enforcement.
But still, we staff holds the final decision on what music could or could not be allowed in site from copyright/DMCA reason mainly.
Okay, thank you for the response.

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