Ban Appeal
To establish my appeal and my misdeeds, I know that I've been a particularly annoying hemorrhoid in the MWS discord server, with my at times questionable pony art posting, and just general annoyance. Although it's rather apparent that I've crossed the line with posting a six-minute long video montage of a /mlp/-/sun/ ass worship thread in #art-and-media, (okay that sounds bad know that I'm typing it) that should've sent outside of the MWS server. Upon further recollection, I realize how atrocious and malicious that peculiar odd piece of media reflects on the MWS server as a whole, and how sudden and swift actions were taken to eliminate it and to chastise me. With that, I will acknowledge and accept any punishment deemable by the MWS moderation team.
We dont discuss discord action here on the site.
To do that, go to the #appeal channel at the top of the channel list of MWS discord server and read the message there.

You then can post whats written above as per instruction on the #appeal channel.

Thank you for understanding.

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