Rejection of my music mod.
I have made a custom OST mod from F777's song Space Battle. The song is free to download and the creator is well credited. I have also made a mod before from one of F777's songs and that one got accepted no problem.  Both of those songs are free to download and credited well. Maybe there was some misunderstanding or misjudgement of the mod. The mod message didn't specify the reason why it was removed so I'm bit confused. I hope you have a great day.

Mod link:

Mod file: 
.rar   F777 Space Battle PD2 Custom Soundtrack.rar (Size: 2.26 MB / Downloads: 2)
Yeah that’s my bad, I was not aware that it was up for download without purchase. I’ll have to check even more thoroughly next time.
You can upload it, forgive my mistake good sir.
It is fine, that happens. Thank you and have a nice day.

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