irrational mod suspension
Yea, so my mod from the past got banned since it contained closed-source files but this time i've re-made it to be open-source. Now it got suspended because i've seemingly reuploaded the same mod, which is not true as the current version doesn't violate any rules. I don't care at all about the first closed mod so I didn't even try to go through all this "pls unban my mod type-of-thing", instead i've done a new one and a fresh upload as well. Can you remove the suspension or do I have to delete those 2 mods and make another upload ? Or actually, i've just deleted the closed-source one to make it even simpler.

Mod to unban -
Does the Overdrill timer are visual only, or it really is a 2 hour drill wait?
If its the latter, does it only activate when you're hosting?
Its not ok if it changes the drill timer when the mod user is a client joining on a random lobby.
there has to be an announcement for other player as well if it activate on hosting only.

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