Little help with custom heist
Few days ago i've started my project that is about altering and boosting the contents of the vault at San Martin Bank. Today i've managed to complete it but it's still not ready to be sent to modworkshop because :

-i'm struggling with the infamous error in heist's name, more precisely - it displays error:heist_San Matin Bank_name instead of a normal name, i assume it has something to do with localization, so i edited it but only job description in preplaning works fine, i'm kinda clueless about what to do next, so i would love to receive some help on this one.

- the second and perhaps the last problem to which i've run into - how to set a preview image so that game doesnt show the red "no cover image" error ?

Before i end - i've already tried looking for guides or other fixes etc, but i havent found anything useful. 

Thanks for reading

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