Regarding Reuploading Rules and License
Alright so! It took a little longer than I wanted it to, but we are finally ready to update one rule that was inspired by the fall of paydaymods.
We are changing the way the reupload rule works and the new rule will be as follows:

Quote:Do not upload mods that contain others' work if the license explicitly does not allow it.**
If the license requires you to ask for permission you must do so.
You must credit the user by either linking the original mod in the license tab or using the same license.

What does it mean? 
Before, we required mods to either have an open source license or say it allows reuploads. While I say we were supposedly acting like this, sometimes we also let stuff be reuploaded if the mod is popular enough. But that, doesn't matter anymore! From now on, mod authors are required to write proper licenses if they wish their mod not to be re-uploaded without permission. I highly recommend using open source licenses which this site: can help you with! 
You have at maximum 3 days to do so.

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