Modworkshop suggestions
Things that should improve modworkshop:

When you first enter the site you should be asked for games that you are interested in so it sorts out the frontpage.

Add game specific announcements that are showed through like:

Beardlib got N E W update, make sure you install it!
Of course allow people to hide it.
  • Remove some of the tags and categories. Things like BLT, SuperBLT, Beardlib is useless. Its a base for modding so there is no need for tags like that, its also confusing people. No more two Interface categories. Some mods from BOTH cattegories require blt so its useless to spread mods around,
  • There should be a search for mods so Creator can add Required mods that will show on mod "Files" Subpage. Big button “Download” should lead to that subpage page if some mods are required. Most modders already do this, 
  • Allow people to sort out mods by required mod. For example: show mods that use LAS, Weaponlib or any other,
  • Changelog subpage should be better. Every update should be a different part, sorted out. No longer spaghetti changelog that is hard to read and etc. Make some template for it so people can make it easier and more consistent across modpages,
  • Image comparison sliders on modpage,
  • Make specific ranks for creators the ones used on discord are good,
  • Intergrate forum with discord,
  • No longer showing most downloaded most of all time. Make it sorted out, make filters on subpages if people really want them, show new mods that should get attention not the older ones,
  • Allow people to decide Discord thumbnail and webpage thumbnail,
  • Make making mod page easier by allowing to crop images in specific point for banner,
  • Add template for banner and thumbnails while making modpage. No longer going trough forums and discord,
  • Discontinued modpage should be more unique. Currently you only have modpage category,
  • Add Information for 6 monts or older mods to have information that this may cause crashes, bugs and etc,
  • Allow people to subscribe to modpage so when specific mods get updated there is visible notification on frontpage. 
Probably will update it if i find more things to add.
Since it's not a numbered list I tried going through the list and list the "answers"

Game announcements - more related to the game pages that I am gonna add.
No, those tags are not confusing and are essential. Things like BLT may be removed in favor of SBLT. About categories that's a different story but we'll see.
Required mods list, good idea.
Sure once I get to that.
No, that's up to the mod's author to do. And what does it mean at all? It's just a list of changes.
"Image comparison sliders on modpage" What?
Good idea.
That section may be removed depending how I redesign the sections.
Will just make a template.
No, these mods should be marked by a tag or something not automatically marked that would be catastrophic.
Alert not front page, but sure.
1."Image comparison sliders on modpage" What?

2.Intergrating discord with forum: show embed discord. Some text channels if its possible, announcements for example.

3.Discontinued modpage should be more unique. Currently you only have modpage category:
Currently even if mod is discontinued people keep asking for fixes, keeping the comments on some modpages, requesting stuff for mod that is discontinued. Sometimes i think people dont see Discontinued tag for some mods.
1. Even if I added that, it would be barely used. So probably no.

2. Kinda impossible, Discord is its own platform, the best we can add is that small useless overview of the server which doesn't actually embed in that sense.

3. Disabling comments option will be an option in the next update.

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