Poll: Thoughts on Crimefest?
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Besides Microtransactions, Crimefest is great!
11 29.73%
Besides Microtransactions, Crimefest sucks!
7 18.92%
Duck Overkill
19 51.35%
Total 37 vote(s) 100%
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Crimefest: Good or Bad?
Alright, I had a post that this topic would stay open as long as the comments stayed desent. But tatsuto removed it...

So I will say it again now, no more of that stuff.
:lb:  Cloodden  Rescue
Voted: Good.

Skins were... Decent, I guess.
I don't really care for weapon skins in general, so I don't use them.
But other than that, the inclusion of the meme masks, the classic heists: First World Bank and Slaughterhouse, Le Castle Vania heist tracks (are epic), and a jump animation (finally); I think this Crimefest went real well, even with the whole "microtransaction" business.

To any angered civilians out there, please don't hurt me.

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