Music Event Names & Multiple Assault Phases
So I've been making music mods, (copyrighted stuff I can't post), for a while, and I have been pretty routine to the setup.

And by routine, I mean not changing the format whatsoever.

For example, here's the main.mxl that Luffy uses in their template, which I follow to a T:

[Image: main-xml.png]
I was just wondering if there were any other event names that I could use.

I know that there's a bridge somewhere in that category of parts, but I don't actually know how to insert it without screwing something up, (unless literally just typing it in is the correct way to do it).

I've also heard about possible multiple assault phases, but I don't know how to, if it IS a thing, (Luffy said that it should be possible, but wasn't a priority for him to add something like that in).

Anyway, yeah.
Thanks in advance.

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