Melee rework/modification thing
So, in a game like TF2 your melee occupies a third weapon slot, and when you equip it it stays out for as long as you want until you swap to a different weapon.

I think it would be possible to do that in the game too. Make it so that weapon starts charging on a press of the melee weapon button, instead of having to hold it. If possible, remove the screen shake when charging the weapon and make it so it slashes when pressing fire instead of the melee button.

- you press the melee button
- the weapon starts charging
- you attack with it upon pressing the melee button again/pressing fire
- you swap back to your primary/secondary with the primary/secondary keys

Is it possible?
There's a mod that sorta do that, and more
Called Melee Overhaul REvamped or MORE

You can get it here, along with unofficial fix:
But beware its an old mod, and probably some feature have stopped working or broken here and there, especially when used with other new mod.

The mod is also abandoned

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