Pocket ECM Feedback sound remove.
Hello my beloved modding community!

I've tried to disable the ECM Feedback (not the regular jamming sound) sound for the Pocket ECM.
I really like to play different perk decks & not just run Stoic/Anarchist/Rogue. So I thought, could play Hacker a bit, right? Perk Deck seems cool & stuff. But I really can't stand the ECM Feedback sound it makes while in loud. I've tried to change the sound in playerinventory.lua from "ecm_jammer_puke_signal" to "ecm_jammer_puke_signal_stop" made a mod folder, mod txt, just normal mod stuff, it worked. ECM Feedback sound for the pocket ecm was no more!
But shortly after I've found a problem. I run WolfHUD, normally WolfHUD shows the cooldown & remaining Feedback time. Cooldown was showing up just fine! But remaining time didn't. It's not a big deal, a "circle" around my Health & armor still indicates how much time is left. But it's easier to just look into the middle of the screen & see some numbers there :P

My Question: Could anyone figure out a solution?
So that the Feedback sound is gone but the WolfHUD remaining time still works?
I don't care if it removes the ECM Feedback sound entirely (even for normal ECMs) or just for the Pocket ECM. I don't care if it's a BLT solution or mod_override. I actually tried to find the sound path for the ecm so I could make an empty(silent) sound file for the ecm.

Thanks for your attention, Mister/Lady!
Looking forward to figure out a solution with you guys! :)

EDIT: Found a solution that works for me. Informations are below.
I've found a way to mod it to my liking! :]
Because I wasn't able to keep the "timer" while having the sound removed, I changed the sound to the normal jamming sound instead of the feedback sound.  The "timer" still doesn't show up, but that's not a problem because I can hear if it's still active. I just wanted the Feedback sound gone. The jamming sound is much more enjoyable to hear! Feedback hurts my head!
I can upload it, if anyone wants/needs it.

Cheers guys!

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