Website rules
General Rules [Updated: 29 September 2019]
  1. Hate speech will not be tolerated.
    This includes derogatory comments based on race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, and other forms of hateful language.
  2. Be civil and courteous.
    Do not harass, annoy, provoke, or insult other users with malicious intent. Make sure spoilers are marked under the spoiler tag.
  3. Do not spam or post scam/referral links.
    Spamming is including but not limited to excessive usage of emotes, pointless walls of text. Do not use link shorteners.
  4. Sharing pirated content is prohibited.
    Do not post illegally obtained content or directions on how to get said content.
  5. Do not post NSFW (Not Safe For Work) or seizure inducing content.
    Nudity, sexually explicit discussions, suggestive bodily fluids, and generally pornographic or gross content is not allowed. Avatars are also subject to this rule.
  6. No backseat moderation.
    If you see a user breaking the rules, report them to the staff team.
  7. Do not abuse website exploits.
    This includes bypassing the swear filter and breaking the website in any way. Report issues to staff if you find a bug.

Submission Rules [Updated: 16 October 2019]
Read these rules if you're planning on uploading any content to our website, or to the Discord server.
  1. Do not upload mods that unlock DLC or paid content.
  2. Do not upload mods with the intention of ruining other's experience.
  3. Do not upload mods that contain other's work without their permission.
    You may reupload mods if the mod's license allows it.
  4. Do not upload public NSFW mods.
    NSFW mods must be unlisted and tagged as "NSFW". Mind rule #5 of General Rules, any image shown in the mod page should not be NSFW.
  5. Make sure your mod name and description accurately describes the mod's purpose.
    Exceptions are made for joke mods, but make sure to tag them as such. Mod names and images should not be misleading or clickbaity.
  6. Do not update your mods for the sole purpose of bumping your mod to the top of the submission list.
  7. Your mod must be open source.
    There might be an exception if you use some libraries from trusted sources. If your mod is closed source, you must include a repository link.
  8. Do not upload mods that use any content from Nintendo IPs.
  9. Do not upload blatant cheat mods for multiplayer games.
    Examples include but are not limited to infinite ammo or god mode. Exceptions can be made for sandboxed mods that are only active in private or friends-only lobbies.
Music Rules
Only read this if you're uploading any content that contains music.

Not allowed
  • ┬áMusic from a movie or a show.
  • ┬áStudio/Big Budget Songs are not allowed (ex: VEVO music, music from internationally known artists)
  • ┬áMusic that is not freely available to download (ex: music that must be purchased)
  • ┬áMusic from games or anime.
  • ┬áMusic with the licenses: Public Domain, CC or no copyright.
  • ┬áMusic that the artist has provided a free download for.
Your music mods go through a process of approval before they're allowed to be public.
Exceptions are made when permission is given by the musician/publisher to use their music.
We still have the right to reject mods or take down existing ones if we find that it cannot be in the site for various copyright reasons.

Other things to consider
  • Consecutive offenses will result in longer ban lengths. This includes evading bans.
  • We change our rules occasionally and sometimes we miss on checking some mods, we don't have bots to do this job and it takes time to discuss certain mods if they break our rules or not.
  • Please do not compare your case to other cases.
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