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Something I came across on official OTWD subreddit.

Long post AMA with Almir

Summary of the AMA

Overkill seems to have some reassuring answer as to the negative response of early gameplay footage that many says feels and look old, clunky.
The build shown on E3 is an early internal beta where it focuses on making the gameplay solid and fun.
There'll be update and changes to many things leading up to release, especially AI, Visual, Animation, and Netcode.

Still doesn't really an be-all-end-all answer to 'is OTWD going to flop or succeed?', but I think it can be something promising, considering Overkill have 6 year time on developing the game after launch, before the contract with Skybound, the TWD franchise owner expires. If there's a sizeable community after launch, and Overkill doesnt fuck up with new update and content, it might be a decent if not good zombie game.

No word on modding nor question asked, so we probably have to wait and see after launch.

$60 price tag is kinda steep for such game, but one of the dev gave an answer that I think makes sense.
Making game isnt cheap nowdays, and the cost of developing game rises each year with new technology and bigger dev team
Words have been said that Microtransaction and Lootbox doesn't fit into The Walking Dead universe, but will it hold up over time?
I wonder if they will do 60$ = 60€
I hope not!
That will probably depend on Steam regional pricing and probably Overkill's set price too.

Generally in my region it'll be cheaper than USD, but I havent seen similar stuff from Overkill yet..
Dead game tbh

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