So it seems SuperBLT sprouted out of nowhere overnight, I saw a couple mods with it and then more kept coming up. So my question is...what is SuperBLT? How does it differ from regular BLT? Do all regular BLT mods work with it? Maybe I had a few questions. I tried looking up about it but all I found were the mods that use it or people making sandwiches.
Check here
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superBLT is an improved BLT that enables many new cool feature
but if you dont use a mod that specifically require it, you dont have to use it for now.

superBLT will work with all old mod, since its just BLT in its base form, but have more feature put on top of it
currently superBLT is being used on Restoration Mod and Co (Crackdown Overhaul);
custom music can also superBLT (which enable custom music to play from a new format .ogg, instead of converting custom music to format accepted by Payday 2 engine);
and Big Lobby mod (the new one, I dont think the old one work, idk), which now doesnt require pdmod fix if you use superBLT

more mod that use superBLT new feautre will pop up soon in the future I guess
thanks for the replies guys

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