Weird Lighting on Custom Model
Hello, I have a weird lighting on my custom model, I know that it's not caused by textures but rather by the model itself.Is somebody knows the way to fix it?

Likely caused by smoothing errors. Follow the additional tips section of Gunsmith's guide:

If it's not smoothing errors, it's a bad normal map. If it's not either of those I have no idea.
Did you ever alter the object transformation gizmo, after you import the 3d Model into the app? (The origin point/node where you use it to scale the object, hold down to move the object in the space, and the origin point to rotate the object in relation to space).

I did that on 3Dsmax and it screwed up how the model reflect light in payday 2 render... somehow... I dont understand why moving those will mess it up tho.

Ways to fix it is plenty, at least what I know on 3Dsmax..
Either Reset XForm on Tools tab.
Re-import the 3D model back into the app and DO NOT alter the 3D model origin point/node

But I think what Groceries said is the culprit.
It worked, thanks

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